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The Big Move

Once all of the conditions have been met and the sale is considered firm, we will continue to meet with tradespeople on your behalf to ensure the property is ready for possession when you finally make the big move! These could include;

  • Utility service providers

  • Painter, electrician, plumber, etc

Given our current environment and restrictions due to Covid 19, you may be required to self isolate when you arrive. When this is the case, we also provide the following services;

  • We will meet with your moving company at your property in advance of your arrival to ensure your belongings are all there before you arrive. We will also meet with furniture delivery companies if you have purchased new furniture for your property.

  • We will draw up rough floor plans of your property so you can plan your furniture placement in advance of your move and ensure any new furniture purchases will fit in the new space.

  • We will make arrangements to ensure you have the keys to your new property upon arrival so that you do not have to meet with your lawyers office to pick upon arrival, keeping everyone feeling safe and healthy!

Moving to New Brunswick

Up until recently, persons wishing to move to New Brunswick were not permitted to enter New Brunswick to attend property showings for purposes of purchasing a property if they subsequently had to return to their original province to move of all their household goods. This has now changed.

NBREA has recently received confirmation from the Province of New Brunswick that non-residents of New Brunswick are permitted to enter New Brunswick for purposes of attending showings of a property PROVIDED they first self-isolate for fourteen(14) days.

Once a person who takes advantage of the new guidelines above, secures and purchases a residential property, they may return to their originating province, (subject to any emergency order rules of that province) pack up their household goods and return to New Brunswick to move into their new property. In this situation, individuals returning to New Brunswick would be required to self-isolate for fourteen(14) days a second time.

Residents of any province in the Atlantic bubble are not required to self-isolate and are able to attend property showings immediately upon entering New Brunswick (unless they have traveled outside the Atlantic bubble in the previous 14 days and/or have symptoms of COVID-19).

Any Canadian resident who wishes to move to New Brunswick must have the following documentation with them upon crossing the border:

1) If crossing the border to commence the process to purchase a property, the individual(s) should have a letter from a licensed REALTOR® attesting to the individual(s)’ intention to search and purchase a residential property in New Brunswick as well as the planned search process and time frames.

2) If crossing the border as part of the final move to New Brunswick, the individual(s) must show proof of their intention to move to New Brunswick. This may include:

1. Documentation from a landlord confirming rent or a lease agreement 2. Purchase and sale agreement, deed or mortgage information.
2. Documentation from family or friends confirming residence.
3. Solemn affirmation.

4. For a residence under construction, documentation may include: 1. Deed or mortgage of lot.
5. Building permit or other approvals to construct.
6. Contracts for building with estimated completion date.

3) All individuals crossing the border must have a self-isolation plan which includes documentation proving they have secured accommodations for their fourteen(14) day self-isolation as well as any time required to complete their property search and conclude their purchase. Temporary accommodations, if required, can include leased condominium, apartment, hotel, motel, cottage or Airbnb. The self-isolation plan must also include a plan for delivery of provisions while in isolation.

It is suggested that anyone planning to enter New Brunswick for purposes of searching for a property or moving should register in advance.

Travel into New Brunswick – Register System

Anyone entering New Brunswick by land, sea or air must register so information can be collected to support public health. Persons may register either online, by phone or at the border. Registration online in advance also helps you determine what documents you will need at border screening so you can avoid being turned away. If you choose to register when you arrive at the border your travel may be delayed. For more information on how to register please visit

Is there anything else you think you might need to make your move smooth? Just ask! We definitely want you help you feel at home in your new home.

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